Jumat, 01 April 2011

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Eating is one the most important events in everyone's life. We enjoy eating - it's part of who we are and part of our culture. in fact, eating is the hottest universal topic of all times. We depend on eating- the foods we eat are the sole source of our energy and nutrition. We know so much about eating- we are born with the desire to eat and grown up with rich traditions of eating. But we also know so little about eating - about how the foods we eat everyday affect our health. We are more confused than ever about the link between diet and health: margarine is healthier than butter or not; a little alcohol will keep heart attack at bay but cause breast cancer. Eating is a paradox and a mystery that our ancestors tried and modern scientists are trying to solve.

Continental food on the whole could be considered international cuisine, particularly British, Australia, Newzeland and American. Those places not only have distinguished cuisine of their own, but are very similar in some way or the other, in term of the taste, ingredients, spices, flavorings, herbs and method of cooking-backed, grilled, stuffed, and sauted.

If ever there has been a classy cooking style, it has been French cuisine very old, Beautiful presentation may not be simple, but very elegant full of flavors. In modern time continental cuisine has probably came to term with a blend of all these international cuisine together and all with a touch of French class. Continental cuisine, in short can be categorized as cuisine involving bakes, grills, stews and barbeque, where a lot of fresh herbs are used for flavoring and chilly factor is minimal. Though there are preparations in particulars which use the spiciest of chilies also. Continental cuisine a style of cooking includes the better known dishes of various western European countries. The continental breakfast means a light breakfast that usually consists of bread stuff and coffee, tea or other liquid. Continental breakfast is the antithesis of the hearty English breakfast. Brioche, pastries, croissants also served as continental breakfast stuff.

There was a time when French cuisine was the hottest and very popular. But somehow it is no more as fashionable now. People are traveling more now. They are visiting places and experimenting with various kinds of foods. Since European food is healthier, probably it is being liked more.

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