Jumat, 01 April 2011

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The ocean calms by virtue of its continuity. It is always there, though frequently undergoing transformation from tranquil calm to the chaos of fierce storms and back again. This reminds us that as immortal souls we too, continue to change form as we undergo cycles of life and death, existing always.

Acceptance-Life is Easier When We Accept

The ocean is vast and mysterious, well known at its edges, unexplored at its depths. At time is peaceful and serene, friendly and accepting of human life, then a powerful and tumultuous frenzy of wind and wave energy, life-threatening for humans. We know but a fraction of an ocean, yet we accept its existence and its vagaries of behavior. Life is easier when we accept the mysterious cycles of our experiences, whether tumultuous or peaceful, understood or bewildering.

Inspiring- the Journey and Purpose of Life Captivates

An ocean inspires insight and reflection. Standing before an oceanic vastness, we recognize that we are insignificant and powerless in comparison. The ocean simultaneously humbles us and inspires reflection upon who we are and life's purpose.

Shared Energy- Join with Prevailing Energy

To stand firmly in place against even a moderate three-foot wave, you plant feet wide apart, present the smallest front possible, and brace to absorb the wave's energy. Any reasonably healthy teen can do it once, twice, perhaps a few dozen times. But resisting the wave's energy eventually takes its toll. In contrast, we can catch a wave at its peak and join it, giving ourselves to the wave, joining it in the journey to shore. This requires little energy, provides movement, and is exhilarating. Successful coexistence with other humans also involves joining energy and effort, avoiding rigid resistance to the energy of those around us.

Being- Life Is a Present Moment Experience

A day at the beach provides the opportunity to experience being in the moment. Absorb the sounds, smells, and sights of waves, wind, clouds, and other people similarly occupied with being. We realize we do not need to do anything to enjoy this slice of life. Just being there is satisfaction enough.

Co-existing- We Are All Favored Beings

The ocean supports an endless array of life. No one life form dominates. Oceanic life forms differ in appearance, feeding habits, territory, means of propagation, and reproduction. No one form seems favored. It seems the ocean is saying that no one way of living is the right way; each way is right for particular beings. As humans we can learn that no one way of living a human life is the only right way.

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