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In today's modern world, there is often little time to relax and rejuvenate. Even when taking a break and traveling, people tend to pack in as many destinations as possible into their itineraries. The reality is that we don't slow down enough, even when on vacation. What most of us need is a break from it all—a break from ringing phones and persuasive television. We need to get away to a place rich in culture and landscapes, a place where we can feel the gentle energy and customs of different people, as well as be nourished by lush, green, rolling hills and calming mountain lakes. I believe every one of us has a need for this sort of peaceful escape, yet few of us find the place to discover it.

Nestled between several volcanoes, Otavalo, Ecuador is a city with an incredibly rich cultural heritage and breathtaking landscapes. For relaxation and rejuvenation, there is truly no better place than the Otavalo area, and in particular there is no better hotel to accompany your experience than La Posada del Quinde. Guests remark that the hotel is an "oasis" where they feel "thoroughly relaxed and very much at home," and where the employees and owner are the "friendliest" in the area.

With its simple folk décor and its friendly, attentive indigenous staff, guests can get an idea of the richness of this culture just by staying at the hotel. Nonetheless, many guests choose to explore the culture through visits to master weavers or local shamans (medicine men), or by adventuring into remote villages to get a sense of a more simplistic life. Those who need an excursion into the natural world, there are plenty of walks and hikes to be taken in the area.

While staying at the most relaxing and intriguing of Otavalo hotels, there are countless day-trip adventures to experience. For some guests, choosing to read a book by the fire or enjoy a leisurely lunch on the garden patio wins out to exploring volcanic lakes and indigenous villages. For others, the exhilaration of their daily excursions makes them just tired enough to take advantage of the comfy couches in from of the fire and the excellent showers with steaming hot water and incredible (massage-like) water pressure. After a memorable shower, guests can walk right downstairs to Café Pachamama, our on-site restaurant, featuring fresh, home-made dishes like enchilada casseroles, curry chicken pot pies, lentil-stuffed peppers and a delicious variety of soups, salads and sandwiches. Guests often gather around the fire for a drink from our bar or a hot chocolate from the café.

There is truly something for everybody here at La Posada del Quinde. And for those who like to shop, the hotel is located just blocks from Ecuador's most famous indigenous handicraft market. Between its cultural and natural beauty, there is no place like Otavalo in Ecuador. If you're looking for the best, most affordable and central hotel to stay ina place that offers a peaceful escape from life—there is no doubt that La Posada del Quinde is the place for you. There's no wonder it's rated #1 for hotels in Otavalo, Ecuador on TripAdvisor.com.

Please contact the owner Maggie Reniers at maggie@posadaquinde.com to request information or to make a reservation, and check out our website at www.posadaquinde.com. You can also read reviews of the hotel by clicking on the TripAdvisor link above.

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